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# acme3k
a continuation of [acme2k](


   No editor made, pretty much anywhere,

surpasses our Acme in shape, material or finish.

## installation

grab the patch, put it in your `$PLAN9` directory, apply, `mk install`

# cp acme3k.patch $PLAN9/src/cmd/acme/
# cd $PLAN9/src/cmd/acme
# patch -p1 < acme3k.patch
# mk clean install

## features

+ a centralized `config.h` header heavily inspired by the [suckless]( design philosophy with the following options:

  + autoindent, scroll button behavior, fonts, and colors modifiable by the user

  + `bartflag`  removed as a runtime flag and moved to a configurable option allowing for click-to-focus operation

+ some keybindings that behave like you expect from other editors/paradigms:

  + up/down arrows move between lines instead of scrolling the view

  + `ctrl+c`/`ctrl+x`/`ctrl+v` for snarfing, cutting, and pasting selected text; `ctrl+z`/`ctrl+y` for undo/redo

  + `home`/`end` move the cursor to the start/end of the current line, as do the original keybindings `ctrl+a`/`ctrl+e`

  + `delete` removes one character forward

### config.h
`config.h` includes all the neccesary color and font modifications; just `mk install` whenever you modify it

#### fonts
run `fontsrv -p .` to list all the available fonts

choose two fonts for `config.h`: the first one is treated as a proportional width font and is used everywhere in `acme`, the second one can be activated for a specific window by executing `Font` from its tag

#### colors
colors need to be in the format of `0x*rgb hex color code*FF` without the prefixed hashtag