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> hmmm or home? We’ll never know.

A set of configuration files and scripts that I carry with me on macOS,
Linux and 9front. Nothing exciting.

$home/lib (9front)
> I'm giving you a night call to tell you there’s bugs in my computer

My 9front configs, scripts, and patches. Run `mk` to get started and
reboot. Third party tools can be fetched with the `fetch` script.

Editable Text Configuration (unix)
> Or dotfiles as they say 👴

**How does this work ??**  
First, cd into the `etc` directory.  
You need plan9port’s rc to run the script `scripts/ninja.rc`, which
generates a `` file. To get this mess to work, you want to
run the following:

; ./scripts/ninja.rc
info: You may run samurai :^)
; samu
[1/5] cp hgrc /home/r/.config/hg/hgrc
; samu recipe-vis
[1/1] ./scripts/recipe_vis

Of course you can use ninja instead of samurai, or even move those files
yourself :^)

To get plan9port, (needed for `rc`) run ``.

If zig is not installed, the script `get_zig.rc` in the `scripts`
directory takes care of it. Same story with `get_janet.rc` or
`get_fennel.rc` which will checkout the latest tagged commit from their

A set of scripts and utilities are in another repository. It can be
cloned and deployed with `scripts/tools.rc`. It’s mandatory to run it to
install the shell prompt.