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date: Tue Feb 9 06:45:31 EST 2021

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 # bar
 Displays battery, date and time in a small bar placed in a corner of
-the screen.  Bar can be forced into background with `-b` option.
-Corner can be chosen by specifying it with `-p` option, the value is
-first letters of top/bottom and left/right, ie `lt` would place it in
-the left top of the screen.  Bar is centered horizontally if no "top"
-or "bottom" specified for its position.
+the screen.  Additional text can be provided through `stdin`.  Text
+clicked is written to `stdout`, making it possible to run specific
+actions.  Bar placement and date/time format can be set using command
+line options.
-`bar` reads additional data from standard input and displays it along
-with other information.
-When clicked, `bar` writes to standard output a single line of text,
-consisting of two fields, separated by a tab: buttons pressed (number)
-and the text of the item that was pressed.  This may be used for
-additional actions defined by an optional user's script on the right
-side of a pipe.
+See manual page.