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fqq: add frequently questions questions page

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+# Frequently Questioned Questions
+## APE — The ANSI/POSIX Environment
+What is the future of APE?  Are we interested in accepting major
+improvements to it or is it something that we should strive to eliminate
+from base system in the future?
+As of now 9front has some major dependencies on APE-based software,
+namely: `gs(1)`, `ape/patch(1)`, various `troff(1)` related utilities,
+audio codecs, and a whole bucket of external software.
+Most of these appear to be on a path to be replaced by native
+alternatives: Sigrid's `pdffs(1)`, Ori's `patch(1)`, and so on.
+Sigrid's [Native Porting Environment](
+seems like a good alternative.
+After APE dependencies in the base system are minimized or eliminated
+entirely it seems to follow that APE shall be removed.
+I (kvik) am in favor of this option.  APE living its own life
+seems preferable from letting it rot behind bars maintained by
+philosophic objections of some contributors.