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etc	2020 roy niang <>


# ~/etc

This is repository is tracking my configurations files. I used to run rsync to sychronize them over my differents machines (I don’t quite see the point in tracking them), but now I’m using [got]( to checkout my configurations files in `"$HOME"/etc`. Then I run a script to install my different configurations files. That’s it.

More informations about my workstations on my wiki:


## ``

$ ./
    ./etc [options]

    -c        Create base hiearchy.
    -b        Install scripts in /home/royniang/bin.

    -f        Install fvwm configurations.
    -g        Setup gitconfig.
    -k        Install ksh configurations.
    -a        Install aerc configurations.
    -v        Install vim configurations.
    -x        Install various xresources files.


## List of softwares

- OS: OpenBSD 6.8 -current
- Shell: ksh, rc
- Terminal emulator: Konsole,
- DE: LXQt
  - Qt5 styling: qt5ct, [phantomstyle](
  - Icons: [Newaita](
- WM: FVWM, OpenBox, wmutils
- File Manager: nnn, PCManFM-Qt
- Music player: audacious with the [Winamp Classic skin](
- Browsers
  - Web: Qutebrowser
  - Gemini/Gopher: [Lagrange](
- Mail client: aerc, Trojita
- Text editors
  - Normal Human Editor: GVim (Athena or GTK2), sam
  - `$EDITOR`: `sam -d`
  - `$VISUAL`: `vim`
- Discord: [Ripcord]( through a virtual machine.
- Fontconfig:
  - sans-serif: Inter
  - monospace: Input Mono
  - serif: Editorial New
  - stack: Noto CJK

## Extras

- Patches are welcome:
- Repository hosting :
  - Main:
  - Shithub mirror:
  - Sourcehut mirror:
- Yes, I know about suckless. No, I don’t care. **Stop emailing me**.