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# n900

a [plan 9 front][1] port to the [nokia n900][2].


## status

**working**: keyboard, screen, rtc, mmc  
**broken**: audio, touch, battery, usb, networking, camera

## build

clone this repository to a 9front system and bind the directories.

    cd n900
    bind -bc sys/src/9 /sys/src/9
    bind -bc sys/src/boot /sys/src/boot
    bind -bc sys/lib/dist /sys/lib/dist

compile the system for the arm architecture.

    cd /sys/src
    objtype=arm mk install
    objtype=arm mk clean

compile the kernel

    cd /sys/src/9/omap
    mk install
    mk clean

build the boot scripts

    cd /sys/src/boot/n900

build a bootable image suitable for writing to an sd card.

    bind /root /n/src9
    bind -a /dist/plan9front /n/src9

    cd /sys/lib/dist
    mk 9front.n900.img

## links

**hardware:** [schematic][3], [sysinfo][4]  
**components:** [processor][5],  [touch][6]