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85c312ad – jgstratt <jgstratt@shithub> authored on 2023/06/07 18:11


# plan9-tacme
This is plan’s acme text editor, but it will use themes from rio-themes ( if they are installed.

Basically, this code is the functions from rio-themes, yanked out and dumped into acme. Currently it only reads the themes on execution. So if you change your theme, you will need to restart acme if you want it to reflect the new theme. If no theme is installed, then it defaults to traditional acme.

# To apply this patch:
mkdir tacme
cp /sys/src/cmd/acme/* tacme/
cd tacme
ape/patch -i ../acme-themes.patch
.. then the normal mk process

# To revert the patch:
ape/patch -i ../acme-themes.patch -R

# Note to self, to generate this patch off of code:
diff -ur /sys/src/cmd/acme acme > acme-themes.patch