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     CHESSFS(4)                                             CHESSFS(4)

          chessfs - chess filesystem

          chessfs [-verbose] [-addr addr] [-srv srv] [-group gid]

          chessterm [-font path] [-bg col] [-fg col] player directory

          uciconnect [-think time] [-wait time] [-player p] -dir game

          rc/play [-r] player directory

          rc/spectate [-r] directory

          rc/replay [-skfdch] chessdirectory

          Chessfs is a filesystem for playing chess games. It posts a
          server named after the argument, which by default is
          "chessfs".  Specifying a listening address serves 9p over
          the announces address, instead of a server, or UNIX socket.
          The files' username is the one running the program, and the
          group can be set using the -group option.

          The filesystem contains three files - ctl, clone and games.
          Opening the clone file creates a new game, and the id can be
          read from the fid. The game can be found under the games
          directory, as a directory with the game id. Ctl is for read-
          ing and setting server options. It displays the maximum
          amount of games, and the current count of games. Setting
          roomsize changes the maximum number of games which can be

          In each game directory, there are the ctl, white, black,
          moves and fen files. Ctl supports the following commands:

          time seconds  Set the amount of time each player has. The
                        default value is -1 indicating that the game
                        is not timed.
          start         Start the game.
          close         Close the game, which may or may not have

          The board files, white and black, show the current pieces'
          position, depending on the player. Writing to the file makes
          a move on behalf of the corresponding player.

     CHESSFS(4)                                             CHESSFS(4)

          draw    Offer a draw, or accept a draw if the other player
                  offered one.
          resign  Resign the game.
          move    Make the following move, following the algebraic

          For reading the game in the PGN notation, the moves file can
          be read.

          The fen file can be used to read the FEN notation of the
          current game. Additionally, writing to the file, before the
          game is started, sets the pieces' position.

          Chessterm is the user interface for the filesystem. It
          assumes the game is already cloned, and takes as arguments
          the player (either "black" or "white"), and the game direc-
          tory. Every half of second the directory is checked and the
          board is updated. A mouse action, or the pressing the space
          key on the keyboard, retriggers an update. Mouse button 2
          brings up a menu with the option to offer a draw, resign, or
          start the game. When promoting, the pieces are shown in a
          menu. The font used is the one either from the environment
          variable, or from the argument. Additionally, the background
          and foreground colors can also be set, based on which the
          board is drawn.

          Uciconnect can be used to connect a game directory, with a
          process serving the UCI protocol via standard input and out-
          put. There are two mandatory arguments: the game directory
          and the command to execute. The -think arguments sets the
          time the engine is allowed to find a move. Between commands
          and reads, the program sleeps a duration, which can be set
          via the -wait option. By default, the engine plays the white
          player, which can be set with the -player flag.

          Play is an interactive script which prints the board and
          game status, and waits for your or your opponent's move. The
          -r flag transcribes the UTF-8 piece symbols into other sym-
          bols, in case the used font doesn't have them. Spectate is a
          similar script, only printing the board updates. Replay can
          be used to replay games, with -s seconds between moves. The
          PGN is read from standard input.

          Run the filesystem:

               chessfs -srv chessfs -group chessclub
               mount /srv/chessfs /n/chess

          Create a new game, set parameters, and play:

     CHESSFS(4)                                             CHESSFS(4)

               cd /n/chess
               cd games/`{cat clone}
               echo time 1800 >ctl
               echo start >ctl
               echo e4 >white
               sleep 1
               echo resign >white


          Menus don't work with plan9port's devdraw. I have only
          tested this, once, on a Linux machine.

          Encrypting connections should be an option.

          Currently players cannot change the owners of the files.
          That means anyone can take over the game.