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# Chocolate Duke3D

Chocolate Duke Nukem 3D is the equivalent of [Chocolate Doom](

A **port** that:

1. Remains as faithful as possible to the original source code.
2. Portable and compiling in one click on Windows, OS X and Linux.
3. Aimed at education, with lots of comments and documentation added in order to help programmers to understand and learn.

<img src="doc/screenshot0.png" width="95%"></img>

## Belgian Chocolate Duke3D

This is a fork of Fabien Sanglard's project [Chocolate Duke Nukem 3D]( As of January 2020, Fabien has archived his git repository.

After reading both Fabien Sanglard's Game Engine Black Books on [Wolfenstein 3D]( and [Doom](, I slowly got curious on how Duke 3D would perform on a modern computer (an Intel Core i9-9900K). After cloning the Chocolate Duke 3D git repository, what should have been little effort to get the project compiling and running again, turned into a rather long list of improvements.

* Ported to SDL2.
* Ported to vcpkg and CMake.
* Added continuous integration (via GitHub Actions).
* Added 64-bit support (savegames are compatible between 32-bit and 64-bit).
* Fixed visual regressions introduced by previous ports. 
* Removed +35K lines of obsolete, unused methods, and other dead code paths (mostly from Game).

## Known Issues

* Incorrect demo playback (different compilers give different demo playback, as well as Release vs Debug).

## Requirements

An original copy of [Duke Nukem 3D]( Specifically the DUKE3D.GRP file from the original CD in binary working directory.

## Build

**Windows (Visual Studio 2022 x86 solution)** [![Windows x86 CI Status](](
> vcpkg_windows_x86.bat
> build_windows_x86.bat

**Windows (Visual Studio 2022 x64 solution)** [![Windows x64 CI Status](](
> vcpkg_windows_x64.bat
> build_windows_x64.bat

**Linux (GCC Makefile)** [![Linux CI Status](](
> sudo apt-get install libsdl2-mixer-dev
> ./
Here we do not use vcpkg but instead rely on the distro packages for SDL2 libraries. Unfortunately vcpkg SDL2 (and mixer) still depends on several local development packages to be installed, plus the MIDI subsystem is not correctly configured.

**macOS (Clang Makefile)** [![macOS CI Status](](
> ./
> ./

## Music (MIDI)

Depending on your operating system, your music experience and general MIDI play back will vary considerably. Independently, for a better Duke 3D music experience I recommend using [¥Weeds¥ General MIDI SoundFont v3.0](


Out of the box, MIDI music will play fine on Windows. By default, it will use [Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth](, which sounds surprisingly okay. However if you want to use another soundfont (such as the one above), install [OmniMIDI](, load the soundfont and select the OmniMIDI mapper via `Extensions -> OmniMapper control panel -> Map mapper to device -> OmniMIDI`.


Out of the box, you will not get any music unless you have a default soundfont installed (for example, the `fluid-soundfont-gm` package). Even then, it will likely sound pretty bad. To use another soundfont, you can use the following command.


Out of the box, MIDI music will play fine on macOS (thanks to [vcpkg PR #10201](

## Contributors

* **Project Initiator:** [Fabien Sanglard](
* **Linux Integration:** [Juan Manuel Borges Caño](
* **64-bit Port:** [Rohit Nirmal](
* **64-bit Port:** [Jonathon Fowler](
* **Belgian Chocolate fork:** [Tanguy Fautre](

## More Information

* **[Review of the Duke 3D source code](**
* [Simple DirectMedia Layer](, [SDL_Mixer](
* [Duke Nukem 3D](