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     ACMED(8)                                                 ACMED(8)

          acmed - acme certificate client

          acmed [ -o outdir ] [ -p provider ] [ -a acctkey ] [ [ e
          chalcmd ] [ w chaldir ] acctname csr

          Acmed fetches and renews TLS certificates using the acme
          protocol.  It requires a pregenerated account key and cer-
          tificate signing key.

          There are a number of options.

          -o   outdir Specifies that the signed certificate is placed
               in outdir in place of the default /sys/lib/tls/acme/.

          -p   provider Specifies that provider is used as the pro-
               vider URL, in place of the default https://acme-
      This must be the
               directory URL for the desired RFC8555 compliant pro-

          -a   acctkey Specifies that acctkey is used to sign requests
               to the provider in place of the default
               /sys/lib/tls/acme/$ The key must be a jwk
               formatted RSA key.

          c    csrkey Specifies that csrkey is used to produce the CSR
               sent to provider in place of the default
               /sys/lib/tls/acme/$domain.key. The key must be a plan 9
               formatted RSA key suitable for aux/rsa2csr.

          w    chaldir Specifies that the challenge is written out to
               chaldir. For HTTP challenges, this defaults to

          Before acmed is run, the keys must be generated.

               auth/rsagen -t 'service=acme role=sign hash=sha256' \
                    | tee >{auth/rsa2jwk \
                    | ipso -r -l factotum
               auth/rsagen -t 'service=tls owner=*' \
                    | tee >{auth/rsa2csr '' \
                         >/sys/lib/tls/acmed/} \
                    | ipso -r -l factotum

          This need only be run once.

          The certificate for the domain can now be fetched:

               acmed \


          Acmed only supports HTTP challenges that placed in static
          directories.  It should add support for DNS challenges, and
          provide a way for a script to be invoked while handling