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2f6d6e90 – Philip authored on 2021/10/18 15:29
add hidpi-drawterm-metal-cocoa.patch


Various unsorted stuff

- hidpi-1.patch: wip from p9p to add dpi field to Display
              (p9p commit d0e0701913f3aede1fcb256f3d1e9c60c9a)
- hidpi-2.patch: be able to configure dpi via plan9.cfg
- hidpi-3.patch: scale borders of rio and acme
              (p9p commit c96d832)
- hidpi-drawterm-metal-cocoa.patch: hardcodes displaydpi to 200 (
- acme-at.patch: can be applied to open paths containing @s (e.g. the internal Go module paths)