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c4d63487 – Peter Mikkelsen <> authored on 2021/05/31 19:06
Try to adapt to the new mountpoint of git/fs


gitonline is a rc script which can be run from rc-httpd on 9front to present git9 repostories online.

A running instance can be found at

To set it up:

1) create a folder with all your git repos in (such as /usr/glenda/repos)
2) modify /bin/rc-httpd/select-handler to run the gitonline script. Mine looks something like this:

	if (~ $SERVER_NAME{
		exec static-or-cgi /usr/glenda/src/gitonline/gitonline.rc
	if not
		error 503

3) Create a tcp80 script in /bin/service/ which runs rc-httpd

Please send patches.
I have not tested it much, but it was fun writing because of git9's fs interface, which makes many tasks easy.

It doesn't yet show the first commit right.