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# ext4srv

Ext[2-4] file system for Plan 9. Read *and* write.

Tested with ext2, ext3 and ext4. With journaling and extents.

In any case, use at your own risk.

## Installation

	; cd /tmp
	; hget | tar xz
	; mv lwext4-master lwext4
	; cd lwext4/src && mk && cd ../..
	; hget | tar xz
	; cd ext4srv-master
	; mk install
	; cd ..
	; rm -rf lwext4 ext4srv

## Usage

	; ext4srv
	; mount /srv/ext4 /n/linux /dev/sdN0/ext4partition
	; ls -l /n/linux

See `ext4srv -h` for more usage examples. Needs a proper man page for sure.