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# gemnine


Gemini browser for Plan 9.

WTH is Gemini??? See

## Progress

All the basic stuff seems to work.

Server certificate thumbprints are not stored or validated yet.

`INPUT` (textual user input) is handled with "hold" mode on.

The plan is to add a separate GUI program to display the pages in a
better way, and perhaps turn the current implementation into a
filesystem like `webfs`.

## Installation

Clone the repo, `mk install`. Add a plumb rule to `$home/lib/plumbing`
right before `include basic` line:

type	is	text
data	matches	'gemini://[^ ]+'
plumb	to	gemini
plumb	client	window gemnine -w $0

Then update the current rules:

cp $home/lib/plumbing /mnt/plumb/rules

## Link history

While browsing, one might want to have a separate window with all the links followed:

while(){ syscall -o read 0 buf 512 </mnt/plumb/gemini >[2]/dev/null | tail -1 }