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# hx

A faster version of `hexdump -C` that I constantly use.

Comparison on a 1.8Gb file, `time <command> >/dev/null`:

| hexdump -C file | hx file        |
| real 3m56.715s  | real 0m6.111s  |
| user 3m55.839s  | user 0m5.235s  |
| sus  0m0.847s   | sys  0m0.489s  |

Around 40 times faster, eh?

# Building/installing

Plan 9: clone the repo, do `mk install`.

UNIX-like operating systems: `gcc -Wall -Wextra -O2 -s -g0 hx.c -o hx`

# Notes

 * hx will print data as soon as it is available (if used on pipes), without buffering
 * option `-s` ("section") to print data read immediately, separating it into *sections*
 * option `-p` ("pipe") to print hex on `stderr` and pipe incoming data as is on `stdout`