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# minivmac



This is a 9front port of minivmac. You can check out [Merveilles' hyperjam instructions](
to see what you can run with it after installing.

## Installing

Clone the repo, run `./install.rc`. That's it. Now you have `games/vmac` and `games/vmac2`.

Currently `vMac.ROM` (or `MacII.ROM`) are required, you can plumb it while the emulator is running.

## Keys

Control is mapped to Command.

F1 is Option.

F2 is a modifier to change emulator's behaviour.

## Plumbing

type	is	text
data	matches	'([.a-zA-Z¡-￿0-9_/+\-]*[a-zA-Z¡-￿0-9_/+\-])\.(dsk|rom|ROM|DSK)'
arg	isfile	$0
plumb	to	minivmac
plumb	start	minivmac $file