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What does it do:

- In your currently opened document, it finds the page corresponding to your current cursor location.
- It builds your document, and plumbs the location to the "image" channel (optional).
- Repeats every N seconds.

Requirements needed to use this program:

- Your document directory needs a proper mkfile.
- The mkfile needs a rule named "tout" that outputs troff intermediate language output.
- Your edited documents needs to be directly inside the that directory, not within a subdirectory.

Under the hood:

- It creates a memory copy of the whole directory using dircp(1)
- It copies the buffer contents of your open file to the cloned file in memory
- It places a specific symbol (default: center dot "·") at the cursor location
- It scans the troff output to find that symbol, figuring out the page
- It builds the pdf using mk
- It copies the pdf to the /tmp directory and plumbs it, using the page number


- '-h': Print usage, then quit
- '-p': Do not plumb, print plumbable string instead
- '-q': Do not loop. Will run only once, then quit
- '-t N': Sleep for N milliseconds (default: N=5000)
- 'm M': Use M instead of center dot (·)