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This is the README accompanying the source code to Simon Tatham's
puzzle collection. The collection's web site is at

The puzzle collection is built using CMake <>. To
compile in the simplest way (on any of Linux, Windows or Mac), run
these commands in the source directory:

  cmake .
  cmake --build .

On Plan 9, the system is built using mk and npe. To compile in the
simplest way possible, first install the latest npe version (note:
this installs the latest version of npe, which can be buggy. It is
best to install a working version of npe manually):

  mk npe

Then compile the puzzles:

  mk all

The manual is provided in Windows Help format for the Windows build;
in text format for anyone who needs it; and in HTML for the Mac OS X
application and for the web site. It is generated from a Halibut
source file (puzzles.but), which is the preferred form for
modification. To generate the manual in other formats, rebuild it,
or learn about Halibut, visit the Halibut website at