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Ricket - a WASM runtime for plan 9.

Ricket is able to run WASI-compliant CLI programs from term, as well as wrap up wasm files to become an exeutable that can run on any system with Ricket installed.

To get started, run mk install, and it will automatically be installed into your system. Please note: The program is only for amd64, arm, and 386 platforms, due to go's build resstrictions. Sorry, PowerPC enthusiasts.

ricket/run - runs the wasm file.
ricket/package - wraps a wasm file to behave as an executable.
For more info, see the manual in man(1).

Building is relatively straightforward.
1. Have a system with golang 1.19 or later installed. In the future, the minimum golang version is 2 versions behind the current version.
	- If on plan 9, run mk build, and wait a long, long time. This is not reccomended at the moment.
	- If on linux, run GOOS=plan9 GOARCH=$arch go build, or run make build to build all 3 supported platforms.

You should now have a ricket executable for your platform.