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# DaemonPaint

A fork of paint(1) from 9front &&
a brand new program called 0paint, from scratch.
0paint is currently useless

* mk install

then just type **dpaint** to run.

know what I mean?

### features so far::
Resurrect 64 palette.
Quality of Life:
Adjusted visual cue for selected brush and color.
Hotkeys 1-9 are now the brushes.
Hotkey 0 and f are the fill tool.
Default brush is 1px.

### Next tasks are in no particular order or promise of actually getting done:
line tool - for sure
spray tool - requested by sl
bezier tool - ?2 or 3 point?
vertical tool bar - ?
exporting to other formats - ?why?
layers - final feature?
reinventing the wheel, er paint program

email me if you need me